Başak Çiftçioğlu Hello,

School of Foreign Languages, French Language Program provides four hours a week French language training to all faculty students to make them achieve level B1 at the end of four years. The language courses are reinforced with elective courses on different fields and subjects. Students choose these elective courses on different fields that contribute to their language development. Our entire academic staff is authorized to administer and check the international Delf and Telc exams.

Since we strongly believe in integrating language and culture, we organized many cultural activities. The students and the academic staff produced a memorable performance called, “Paris Show” where dance, music, and theatre were combined together. The students also wrote and put on stage 3 plays in French. They had an opportunity to put these plays on stage in France, at the international interuniversity theatre festival, as well as at many other domestic festivals and universities in the company of the academic staff. Students get a chance to live and learn the language through our picnics, and New Year’s parties, and petank tournaments which became a tradition.