Elif Boduroğlu Hello,

German is a language that is being widely used in scientific and commercial fields in central Germany, East Germany, and Asia. An individual speaking German is able to make communication with 125 million Europeans in their native language. We should also keep in mind that Germany is an “Industrial Giant” and the most powerful, efficient and locomotive country of EU. Germany is the most important commercial partner of Turkey. There are more than 3.000 German firms in Turkey and approximately 4 million Germans visit Turkey each year.
Germany is a very appealing country for university education. There are approximately 25.000 Turkish university students in Germany. German scientists and universities are in considered pioneers in many disciplines. Germany, who represents one of the biggest schools in legal field worldwide, is popular as the sourcing country for Turkish Commercial Law. The quality of education in engineering, mathematics, or chemistry in Germany is very reputable worldwide. One fifth of the scientific books published worldwide are in German.

German is very close to English, which is a Germanic language. Therefore, German can be easily learned through modern teaching methods in addition to English.