About the Programme

Learn about the third largest economy of the world at the University of Economics
There are many good reasons for a student to study Japanese. These are both economical and cultural reasons as well as high chance of opportunities of a good career.
Today, Japan has the third largest economy in the world. World-wide known companies like Sony, Honda, Casio, Minolta and many more companies invest in various sectors. Therefore, students who wish to plan a career in manufacturing, economics, engineering or even in politics or social sciences will have a good chance to take part in any of these sectors easily if they learn Japanese.
Despite its reputation of being a difficult language, many similarities between the Turkish language makes Japanese much easier to learn. Kanji-Chinese characters may become a lot fun to learn accompanied by many similar grammatical sentence structures with Turkish language.
Alternatively, students studying at visual communication or industrial design or any other sectors which involves design and creativity, Japan is the right place for them. Japanese people are very creative and innovative and they are good at combining these features with technology. For those students who are interested in technology of today and tomorrow, Japanese is the right solution.
So, why not learn Japanese here, at the University of Economics?