Article 1 -
The purpose of these regulations is to clarify the aims, activities, administrative bodies and functions of the Design Research and Practical Application Centre (EKOTAM).


Article  2 –
These regulations include the issues relatiıng to the aims, activities, administrative bodies and functions of EKOTAM.


Article  3 –
These regulations have been prepared in accordance with law number 2547, Item 1, options (d), and (2) number two, and Artıcle 14 of the Higher Education law.


Aims of the Centre
Article  –
The aim of the centre is to conduct research in the areas of science, theory, history, philosophy, education and application of design, collect data, genearate and share information and carry out practical applications.


Activities of the Centre
Article  5 –
In accordance with the aims of the Centre, the following activities are carried out.
a) Conducting research in the areas of design, theory, history, education and practical
application, generating and sharing information.
b) Preparing design projects which solve specific problems and ensure their
application in the real world.
c) Producing design projects to meet demands from a variety of sectors and individuals for a specified fee, ensuring their practical viability and providing subsequent support.
d) Providing a liaison between education and industry when putting theory into practice.
e) Providing a service to the design sector by adopting the role of a design consultancy.
f) Contributing to the development of design in turkey and to this aim supporting enterprising themes such as design council and design museums.
g) Being involved in seminars, lectures, conferences, organising symposiums, preparing radio and TV programmes, broadcasting and organising any committees related to these areas.
h) Setting up platforms, groups, sub-groups, working groups and suchlike to work in this field.
i) Supporting the activities of organisations with similar aims.


Branches of the Centre
Article  6 –
The centre consists of the following branches:-
a) Director
b) Governing Body


The Director
Article  7 –
The Director of the Design Research and Practical Applications Centre is appointed by the Rector from the full time Fine Arts and Design Faculty memebers for a term of 3 years.


The Director of the Centre is at the same time the head of the Governing Body. The Centre Director can be re-appointed at the end of the three- year term.


The Duties, responsibilities and authority of the Director.
Article 8 –
The Director of the Centre carries out his/her duties in accordance with Item 4 of the Directorate and acts on the decisions taken by the Governing Body and appraises performance.

He manages the sub-groups within the Centre and their activities

At the end of each project he compiles a report and submits it to the Governing Body.


Governing Body
Article  9 -
The governing body is made up of four members, two from the Fine Arts and two from the Design Faculty, all of whom are appointed by the Rector. The term of office of the Governing Body members is three years. The members can be re-elected at the end of their term of office. A new member can be appointed in the case of a member who resigns before his term is over.

The Governing Body meets at the invitation of the Director at least three times a year and if necessary more often and looks over the center’s activities and makes decisions in respect of these.


The Governing Body meets with full members. Decisions are made on a majority vote.


The role, responsibility and authority of the Governing Body

The Duties, responsibilities and authority of the Governing Body
Article  10-
The Governing Body determines the main points related to the compilation of the report prepared at the end of each project.



Article  11-This regulation is effective as soon as it is published.



Item 12-The Rector of the İzmir University of Economics is responsible for the practical application of these rules.