Eugeniu Lungu Hello,

Why should I learn Russian?

Russia is the world's largest country. Stretching across two continents, it is almost double the size of either the United States or China.

Russian language is spoken by 285 million people; it is the fourth most spoken language in the world.
It is one of the five official languages of the UN and what is more, Russian remains the unofficial language of the former Soviet republics.  Russian is very useful in international communication. If you learn Russian it makes it easy for you to travel to all these countries, talking to local people and get in touch with new cultures.
World Literature is full of great Russian writers, poets and authors: Pushkin, Dostoievski, Tolstoi, Chekhov, Akhmatova, Lermontov, Turgenev, Solzhenitsyn, Nabokov, Pasternak and many others. Russia is home to some of the world’s best composers such as Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky, Prokofiev, Mussorgsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Rachmaninoff, etc.
 Russian is an increasingly important language for business, trade, culture and science because Russia is the active participant of the world community, where it actively takes part in development of the world economy, culture and science.
Learning Russian makes you special! Most of the students decide to learn Spanish, French, Italian, but – if you have Russian in your CV, you are different from others; you have something more than the others. It opens up for your new horizons and opportunities.

You think that you can always study it later. Sure, but Russian is not offered just everywhere, and who knows if you will have the time later. Why not do it now?