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As we all know, if we look at a two-year cycle, we lose a certain percentage of students along the way. Some check out from the very beginning, some in module 3 and some in the second year.

For us, the big questions are Why? and Can we do something about it?

There are, broadly speaking, two reasons why students choose to leave: Some because of matters that we have no control over (such as family). But some that we can do something about.

Therefore, we have established the SFL Student Retention Committee.

We began in January by discussing retention in the SFL. As we move forward, we will drill deeper into the data that we gather, asking more and more questions about where our students are, and their barriers to success.

As we move into summer, we will be designing a few specific projects that we can pilot in the Fall. And thus, we will follow the cycle of analyze, plan, implement, and evaluate.

If you are interested, please join us.  You can ask more about the SFL SRC on the 7th floor of E-block.

Our current members:

Armağan Ersoy
Beatrice Yavaşer
Catherine Baydar
Charles Riddell
Deniz Pektaş
Esin Çağlayan
Filiz Aydemir
Funda Çetin
Gülfem Akdoğan
İdil Kırıkkaya
Özge Coşkun Aysal

Donald F. Staub, Chair




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