It is important for our Erasmus students to feel comfortable in their social and living environment.  To that end we are offering the Turkish language as an elective course to assist them with assimilating into the new culture.  The Turkish language is the fifth most spoken language in the world and will offer them opportunities and benefits not limited to their current educational situation.  The fact that the language is taught as an elective at universities in 60 countries worldwide shows the growing importance and impact of the language.  Learning the Turkish language will enable students to succeed more easily in the fast growing economic community that is developing worldwide.  The course is not limited to Erasmus students but also available to graduate and doctorate students of the university.


Introduction to the Program

Second Foreign Language Education is four years.  Course programs are prepared on a four year basis with two semesters per year.  They are three credit courses.  Four hours are allocated weekly per course.  Each semester one mid-term, one oral exam, one final exam, one presentation (third and fourth year students) and two quizzes are conducted.



At the end of a four year program which consists of 450 hours, the students will be able to easily read, write and understand the texts at Intermediate level in a second foreign language.  We aim to teach the language to a level where they can express themselves on current issues and in occupational subjects in their field of study.


According to the Common European Framework of Languages Criteria, a successful foreign language student will be at B1 level at the end of the 4th year of this program and will be able to certify this in official examinations conducted for that language.