Dear Students,

Ebru SabuncuoğluYou will be graduated from our vocational school as a master of technology and a qualified personal who can meet the needs of the sector by studying hand in hand with the sector, and you will play a boosting role for the development of our country. However, one of the most important skills that will lead you to a superior status in your profession is to be able to communicate in English.

With the courses Basic English I (ING 101) and Basic English II (ING102) in our programs, we aim to build basic English skills to help the students not only in academic life but also in business life.

ING101 is studied during the first semester (fall term) of the Academic Year, and ING102 is studied during the second semester (spring term).

Besides the Basic English courses, in our Vocational Schools, we also provide the students with the Vocational English courses; Vocational English I (ING 221) and Vocational English II (ING 222). These courses help the students to attain the terminology and communication skills that is requisite for their professions.

Associate Degree English Program Curriculum Unit and the Testing Unit have developed the curriculum according to the needs of each programs and prepared the materials, exams to keep up with the innovations in their areas for their professional development.

With all these objectives, we would be delightful to accompany our students in their learning process and surround them with the necessary language proficiency with our experienced Associate Degree English Program Teaching Unit.


Associate Degree English Program Coordinatorship