English Preparatory Program






Dear Students,Burcu Beatrice YAVAŞER

Since early March 2020, Covid-19 has transformed our entire life and the IUE community. And, there is no doubt that we have endured so much together since then. With immediate reaction to this worldwide crisis, we can proudly say that with exceptional effort together with our instructors, we have ensured to maintain our highest standards of education for our students.

We are future-focused and I am certain that IUE students, instructors and staff are ready to support each other.

Equipping students with necessary language skills in order to overcome language-based challenges throughout their academic studies is the primary duty of the Preparatory Schools of English-medium universities. Besides encouraging students to become effective, enthusiastic, and autonomous learners; the overall aim of the English Program offered by Izmir University of Economics School of Foreign Languages is to prepare students for their academic studies using a communicative approach.

In consideration of our students’ profiles and our University’s academic necessities, it was decided to implement a Modular System in the 2009-2010 Academic Year in the English Preparatory Program. The implemented Modular System leads to a higher quality of language training and enables our students to achieve the objectives since they get the chance to attend the appropriate levels throughout their period of study.

The modular system approach is preferred since it has a flexible structure allowing quick responses to change. It consists of systematically framed instruction experiences with a start and an end demonstrating integrity in itself. The rationale behind the module allows the student to progress at his own learning speed and to get immediate feedback about his/her progress. The instruction at the English Preparatory Program is carried out within the principles of the Modular System.

Based on this system, there are 4 modules in an academic year. Each module lasts for a period of 8 weeks. There is at least a one-week break between each of the modules. The students who have completed the registration procedure, got below 69.50 points in the Placement Test and got below 64.50 points in the Proficiency in English Exam (PIE) attend the English Preparatory Program. The level that they are going to attend is decided upon their scores in the Placement Test exam.

The levels in the English Preparatory Program are as follows:

- Elementary (A)
- Pre-Intermediate (B)
- Intermediate (C)
- Upper-Intermediate (D)
- Pre-Faculty (PF)

To be eligible to take the End of Module Exam (Gateway Exam), students are required not to exceed the absenteeism limit  and fulfill the requirements stated in the In-Module Assessment Principles. A student who fails the module cannot proceed and has to repeat the same module.

All the students attending the English Preparatory Program are informed about the principles of the system in detail during a 2-day orientation program before the classes start. Besides; at the beginning of the academic year, all our students are provided with a Student Booklet in which the principles of the system can be found in detail both in Turkish and in English.

I wish a very successful year to all students who have chosen our university for the new Academic Year.

Burcu Beatrice YAVAŞER
Head of English Preparatory Programmes