Frequently Asked Questions


In order to qualify as successful at the end of the preparatory program and/or be exempt from the preparatory class of the undergraduate and vocational programs at IUE, students are required to get the minimum score on any of the language assessment exams indicated in the English Language Requirement Table.  Detailed information about the English Language Requirement can be found on the English Language Requirement Table>>>

The period is limited to the one indicated by the related exam center. Further information can be obtained from

Students who have successfully completed the Prep program of another English-medium university are considered exempt from the Prep class at IUE provided that they apply for exemption within three years.

The Placement Exam is very important for you, please answer only the questions which you can, and do not answer the questions which you do not know. Otherwise, you may be placed in a level not appropriate for you and face difficulties within the program or you may waste your time.

You are placed in in the lowest level (Level A) in the preparatory program and the risk of failure increases.

A student who has started in the lowest level (A) and managed to reach the highest level (D) will qualify to take the Proficiency in English (PIE) after completing Level D successfully.

However, students who start the prep program in Level A and fail only once in any module can sit the PIE given at the end of Module 4, provided they score 80 points minimum on the Module Exit Exam (Gateway) for Level C.

No. Students cannot change classes after the class lists have been announced.

In the first module, class lists are arranged according to the grade taken on the Placement exam. In the following modules, they are arranged randomly. Therefore, it is unlikely for you to study with your friend in the same class.

No. Students cannot change classes after the class lists have been announced.

Yes. Attendance is compulsory for students attending the English Preparatory Program and students at all levels are expected to adhere to these limits. Students who exceed the absenteeism limit are not qualified to take the Gateway Exam, thus have to repeat the same module.

If students cannot complete the in-class assessments due to any serious health problems (an operation or an accident), they are required to provide an official medical report.  Medical reports are valid only if students cannot complete in-module assessments. Therefore, this regulation does not apply to absenteeism. What students are expected to do is to complete the 8-week module by attending classes on an ongoing basis.

You cannot take the Gateway exam of that module and have to repeat the same level. If you are a scholarship student, your scholarship will be suspended due to absenteeism.

Yes, students enrolled in the Prep Program are required to use the original copies of the course books. In accordance with the copyright law, students may not attend classes with photocopied material.  IUE School of Foreign Languages does not bear any liability that they might incur.

The books to be purchased by the Preparatory Program students according to levels will be available for sale at the Bookstore located on the -1st floor in the main building. To ensure the validity of the grade taken from the digital assessment component, which accounts for 10% of the in-module assessments, students are to register the digital system by using the access codes provided by the publishers. Registering the digital system is only possible when the original books are purchased from the university’s bookstore as a set. Students are expected to bring their books and course materials to the classes regularly.

Throughout each module, students complete seven in-module assessments. The in-module assessments are designed to evaluate students’ vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, and speaking skills. The in-module assessments are a vital part of the students’ learning during the module, not only because they are a prerequisite for the end-of-module exam (Gateway Exam), but more importantly because they allow students to assess their progress prior to the end of the module. Feedback is an essential element of in-module assessments. After the assessments, students receive feedback. Having agreed on any area of particular weakness for the students, the instructors can then advise the students of the best course of action to rectify this.


Assessment components and the individual percentages for each level are as follows:

A01 Listening and Reading %20
A02 Use of English %10
A03 Writing %20
A04 Speaking %20
A05 Use of English %10
A06 Digital Assessment %10
A07 Classroom Performance Grade %10
Total   %100

You can repeat the same level three times at most.

In order for a Prep student to take the PIE in and/or at the end of the academic year, that student is required to complete Level D successfully.

Students who fail to pass on to Level D or those who cannot complete Level D successfully cannot take the PIE given in that academic year. Those students can take the PIE at the end of the Summer School Program only if they are enrolled in summer school, or those students can take the PIE given at the end of the academic year.

However, students who start the prep program in Level A and fail only once in any module can sit the PIE given at the end of Module 4, provided they score 80 points minimum on the Module Exit Exam (Gateway) for Level C.

Students, who start in level C and complete level C and D successfully, qualify to take the PIE given at the end of the first semester. Those who pass the PIE can go on their education in their departments in the second semester.

Those students who fail the PIE exam can attend the Pre-faculty program in the spring semester if they wish.

Students who meet the requirements for the PIE can take all the PIEs given in a year. Whatever the reason is, all students can take the PIE given at the end of the academic year provided that they renew their school registration.

The passing grade for the PIE is 64.50.

Information about the content of the PIE and exam samples can be accessed on

Information regarding the in-module assessments and Gateway Exams can be found on Blackboard Learn Learning Management System. In order to access the system, one must be either a member of staff or student in the School of Foreign Languages.

Information about the content of the Proficiency exam (PIE) and exam samples can be accessed on

Prep Summer School is a programme which every student can attend regardless of their level. Students who attend this programme can take the PIE given at the end. However, attendance is compulsory. Absenteeism limit is 12 hours. If a student exceeds this limit, they fail and cannot take the PIE. Students have to pay for the Prep Summer School.

Students can attend their instructors’ office hours. In addition, students can improve their English skills by participating in PACTS activities such as Conversation Club, Movie Night, Trivia Quiz and  Board Games.

You can access your absenteeism records and exam results by registering the OASIS website. Information about how to register the OASIS website is available in the student’s booklet.