Department of Undergraduate English Program


Funda Akgül Zazaoğlu

Dear students,

The Undergraduate English Programme offers 4 obligatory courses spread over 4 years. These courses aim at improving your English language by focusing on different academic skills that you will need in the future.

First Year English Courses: Academic Skills in English I (ENG 101) and Academic Skills in English II (ENG102) are compulsory courses for freshman students. Both courses follow an integrated approach to language learning and language development blending all four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) together. ENG101 is offered in the first semester (fall term) of the Academic Year, and ENG102 is offered in the second semester (spring term).

The aim of these courses is to improve your language skills. From the start, this will enable you to carry out your academic studies in your departments more effectively and later on use these skills while working at international platforms after your graduation.

In order to achieve the objectives of ENG101 and ENG102, Anchor-1 and Anchor-2 books were prepared by our academic staff.  The curriculum and exams of these courses have been prepared based on the feedback collected after a series of workshops and meetings held by our students, teachers and administrators. For this reason, the Undergraduate English Programme is an effective programme which will help you improve your academic language skills regardless of your department.

Third Year English Course: ENG 310 Effective Speaking Skills is a compulsory course for third year students. It aims at developing students’ speaking skills so that they can effectively function in a variety of areas, such as business related and academic related topics. These areas range from participating in discussions to taking interviews.

One of the main indicators of good command of a foreign language is the ability to express oneself. To this end, the “Effective Speaking Skills” book was prepared by the Undergraduate English Programme instructors which focuses on improving a variety of speaking skills in a variety of social and academic contexts.

Forth Year English Course: ENG 410 English for Career Development is a compulsory course for forth year students. In order to equip the students with the necessary skills for the processes they will face following graduation, the course simulates the whole job/graduate school application process, which entails finding a job ad, writing a CV and a Cover Letter for the ad they find, writing a Statement of Purpose and finally being interviewed for the job.

To help our students design their professional life that matches their dreams, the “Atlas” book was prepared by the Undergraduate English Programme instructors, which is the main teaching material for this course.

Our experienced academic staff - 60% of which are native speakers – will be providing you with all the necessary academic support throughout the Academic Year. Each teacher offers “office hours” – in addition to their class hours - during which their students can get additional English support related to the course.

The Undergraduate English Programme focuses on learning through practice. As the prominent philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein said,

The limits of my language is the limits of my world.

While expanding your limits, the Academic Staff of the School of Foreign Languages will always be ready to support you.


Anıl Uçak

Undergraduate English Programme