Funda Akgül Zazaoğlu

Dear students,

Academic Skills in English I (ENG 101) and Academic Skills in English II (ENG102) are compulsory courses for freshman students. Both courses follow an integrated approach to language learning and language development blending all four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) together.

ENG101 is studied during the first semester (fall term) of the Academic Year, and ENG102 is studied during the second semester (spring term).

The aim of these courses is to improve your language skills. From the start, this will enable you to carry out your academic studies in your departments more effectively and later on use these skills while working at international platforms after you graduate.

In order to achieve the objectives of ENG101 and ENG102, materials and exams prepared by the Curriculum Unit and the Testing Unit of the Undergraduate English Programme will be used.  The curriculum and exams of these courses have been prepared based on the feedback collected after a series of workshops and meetings held by our students, teachers and administrators. For this reason, the Undergraduate English Programme is an effective programme which will help you improve your academic language skills regardless of your department.

Our experienced academic staff - 60% of which are native speakers – will be providing you with all the necessary academic support throughout the Academic Year. Each teacher offers “office hours” – in addition to their class hours - during which their students can get additional English support related to the course.

The Undergraduate English Programme focuses on learning through practice. As the prominent scientist Einstein said,

 “Learning is an experience. Everything else is just information.”

As the Academic Staff of the School of Foreign Languages, we will always be ready to support you during this experience.