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What is the Academic Writing Centre?

The Academic Writing Centre (AWC) is part of the School of Foreign Languages. Now in its fifteen year, its purpose is to assist graduate students (Masters and Doctorate students) and academic staff (Faculty staff and Research Assistants) from all departments of the university with academic writing.

AWC services

The AWC provides proof-reading and editing support. The AWC can help writers produce text in a more formal, condensed style of English that is typical of academic writing across the disciplines.

The AWC can help with the following:

  • Theses (sections only, and at the advisor’s discretion)


  • abstracts
  • journal articles
  • seminar and conference papers
  • book chapters

Academic applications

  • job /grant application letters
  • resumes / CVs
  • business correspondence
  • letters of purpose / letters of intent

Publicity and correspondence

  • university conference announcements                               
  • publicity material for the university                                                                              
  • correspondence on university business

How the Centre works

Please send your paper to me, the advisor, I will work on it electronically using track changes and send it back, usually within a few days.

Please note that the centre has only one advisor, and it is not always possible to do editing work at short notice. Unless the document is very short, at least two days’ notice is usually required. However, the advisor is happy to answer brief questions regarding style, grammar, and vocabulary at any time, either in person or by email.

Contacting the AWC

The centre is usually closed during August.

Clients are welcome to email or call:

Dr. Simon Mumford

Contact details:



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