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What is the Academic Writing Centre (AWC)?

The Academic Writing Centre (AWC) is part of the School of Foreign Languages. Now in its fourth year, its purpose is to assist graduate students (Masters and Doctorate students) and academic staff (Faculty staff and Reseach Assistants) from all departments of the university with  academic writing.

What kind of writing does the AWC deal with?

The AWC  provides support for all aspects of academic writing in English. Although it can help with planning and drafting work, it largely performs the functions of proof-reading and editing. It can also offer advice on academic writing conventions, including grammar, punctuation, paragraph and sentence structure, and vocabulary. In particular, the AWC can help writers produce text in a more formal, condensed style that is typical of academic writing across the disciplines.

The AWC can help with the following:


  • theses and dissertations (at the advisor’s discretion)
  • essays and assignments


  • abstracts
  • journal articles
  • seminar and conference papers
  • chapters of books

Academic applications

  • job application letters
  • resumes / CVs
  • business correspondence
  • letters of purpose
  • letters of statement

Publicity and correspondence

  • university conference announcements                                                                                            
  • publicity material for the university                                                                              
  • correspondence on university business

How the Centre works

The advisor prefers to work with hard copies of  academic papers. These can be emailed and printed in the centre. Clients bringing hard copies to the centre are requested to print their documents double-spaced, font size 12. When completed, the client is informed and can pick up the revised paper from the Centre. If required, the advisor is available to discuss any changes made. Appointments can be booked in advance if necessary. Working directly on electronic text is sometimes possible for very short documents, e.g. abstracts, announcements.

Please note that the centre has only one advisor at present, and it is not always possible to do editing work at very short notice. Unless the document is very short, at least three days notice is usually  required. However, the advisor is happy to answer brief questions regarding style, grammar, vocabulary,  etc at any time, either in person or by email.

Contacting the AWC

The AWC is generally open between 9 am and 5 pm on weekdays. However, due to teaching commitments, the advisor is not always present. You can send an email to:

Unfortuately the AWC is not usually able to help with…

  • translations
  • papers where none of the authors are at Izmir University of Economics
  • papers by undergraduates



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