School of Foreign Languages

Quality Assurance Unit


The Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) aims to implement, develop, and sustain quality assurance and continuous development activities throughout the School of Foreign Languages (SFL) to ensure high standard of teaching and learning.


The SFL QAU’s mission is to target excellence in language education and facilitate coordination among the programmes within the SFL in order to provide them with assistance to recognise, document and systematically evaluate their work in regard to quality assurance and expertise.


  • build quality assurance frameworks to maintain high quality education
  • increase awareness about quality assurance activities
  • ensure continuous quality enhancement in programmes through training, observations, seminars, workshops and conferences
  • cooperate with external bodies to ensure high quality in all educational processes
  • work in liaison with other units (Curriculum and Material Development Unit, Testing Unit, Teacher Development Unit) to monitor the implementation and attainment of aims and objectives 
  • facilitate programme reviews, quality assurance reviews, surveys to support the continuous development of the internal quality assurance system within the SFL
  • facilitate accreditation applications



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