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Donald F. StaubDear Students,
Knowledge has never been as important and influential as in the present day. Today, as information technology is rapidly developing, an author, an import-export dealer, a diplomat, or a student of any discipline can access anything they want to listen to, see and learn with one "click". Nevertheless, the "thing" -information- we click onto has a "language". However great your motivation, desire, need or intelligence, you need to learn the "language" to access your desired information/object. Therefore, knowing and using a language other than your native language has become more important than your demand, intent, creativity and even your intelligence.
Izmir University of Economics' School of Foreign Languages has given priority to the principle of learning and knowing at least two foreign languages to an advanced level. Our goal is to integrate into the national and international community through access to all kinds of information, and we are achieving this goal. For this purpose, the School of Foreign Languages has undertaken the task of teaching English and a compulsory second language in the Preparatory and Undergraduate programs at our university through the medium of English Language. Our professional staff, with the help of the latest developments and techniques aim at producing responsible, knowledgeable students who can use at least 2 languages effectively. In your language journey at Izmir University of Economics, you will have the chance to improve yourself by making use of interactive activities and you can also pursue your studies individually with the help of Turkish and foreign instructors. In addition, within these environments, you will have the chance to learn the culture of a language, benefit from it and develop an international perspective.

I believe that you, the incoming students who have been chosen for this university will be able to take full advantage of these opportunities. I know also that as entrepreneurial, creative individuals with the vision and mission needed at this time in this country, you will act with responsibility, shouldering the future of our society.

In conclusion, I want to share a quote from Pablo Neruda
"Dies slowly he who does not learn,
Dies slowly he who does not take risks to make his dreams real..." 

Therefore, it is time to take a risk
Therefore, it is time to learn a language... 

Asst. Prof. Dr. Donald F. Staub,

Director of the School of Foreign Languages




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