School of Foreign Languages

Curriculum and Material Development Unit

Izmir University of Economics the School of Foreign Languages Preparatory Programme aims to prepare students for academic study and promotes independent learning by encouraging them to become motivated and active language learners. In this context, considering the students’ needs and the overall aims of the program, the Curriculum and Material Development Unit is responsible for:


  • preparing the modular programmes for all levels of the English Preparatory Programme

  • determining level objectives and informing the instructors and the students about them

  • determining the class hours for each course

  • determining the books and materials to follow throughout the year

  • preparing supplementary materials to address objectives not covered in the books or support course book content on covered objectives

  • ensuring unity, consistency, and standardization of materials used in the English Preparatory Programme

  • getting feedback from the students and the instructors on books and materials

  • making necessary changes in the programme by using tools such as classroom observations, focus group interviews, and questionnaires

  • carrying out seminars and/or workshops when necessary in order to introduce the new materials and to ensure that all classes are conducted in line with the curriculum




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